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Are you tired of playing guitar in your bedroom? Why not to join group guitar lessons in Wimbledon? I would like to share with you how your group guitar lesson could look like. It’s usually up to five people in the class or sometimes less if someone couldn’t make it.  I carefully select students to match their music interests, guitar skills and personalities. This is a very low pressure environment where we actually joke a lot while not playing guitar. Feel free to contact me to arrange an introductory guitar lesson one on one and lets discuss the best guitar group for you . Click on an image below to play a video sample lesson:

Group Guitar Classes in London

Greg X-Wimbledon School of Guitar-Rock Band Guitar Classes












Here are only some benefits of learning in a group guitar class:

-You learn how to play with other musicians which will prepare you for any band situation-this is a critical skill for any musician to have.

-You develop better timing and perfection since everything you do must be synchronized with other players.

-You  learn from other people ( not only from mistakes but from brilliant ideas other people have).

-You get a bit of a peer pressure that will motivate you to become a better guitarist sooner

-You will have a lot of fun as there will be always someone to cheer you up if you feel unmotivated to practice.

-You expand your circle of musician friends which helps to form a potential band or recording project.

-You save money since its cheaper than a private lesson.

Group classes are not for you if you are:

-Always negative about life and other people

-You like to criticize others

-You want to play guitar only in your bedroom

-You prefer to stay away from people

– You don’t want to play in a band

So if you are interested in improving as a guitarist get in touch to arrange an introductory session. Use the contact form in the top right corner of the page or call me directly on 07824 366014

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