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Here’s a quick tip on how to play guitar better. You need to stop making excuses. The list is very long: ‘my work was busy’, ‘ I had my family visiting me over Christmas’, ‘I had to attend a function at work’, ‘I had to go out on Friday night and I had a hangover on Saturday’, ‘I am having loads of exams at the moment and I need to study’. Here are some excuses when students don’t show up for lessons which is really damaging to their guitar practice routine: ‘It was raining’ ‘I had a meeting at work’, ‘ I am really sorry but I forgot about the lesson’, ‘I didn’t come because I had no time to practice ‘, ‘I felt a bit sick so I stayed at home’  and finally some excuses not to continue taking guitar lessons which very quickly leads to having no structure and plan for improvement. ‘You are a great teacher and I have learned a lot but life is too busy at the moment and I have no time to practice’, ‘I can not justify paying for guitar lessons if I don’t practice’ ( start practicing;-)),


People make excuses because it is very easy to blame some external factors such as work , lack of time or lack of money. They never blame a teacher because in most cases teachers do their best to help. It is very convenient to blame anything but yourself! How making those excuses will help you to become a better player. You wanted to learn guitar. You came to the teacher and asked for help and you were told what to do.  A lot of folks out there want to play guitar to impress friends and look good but they are not willing to put the work required to make guitar sing.

To motivate you guys a bit I want to show you a video of a fantastic guitarist who was born without arms. His name is Mark Goffeney and he lives in United States. I hope that Mark wouldn’t mind that I am gonna use him as an example that if you really want something in your life you can get despite such a circumstances. Click an image below to see Mark playing guitar. while you watch it I want you to think how lame are your excuses not to practice. I really want you to feel embarrassed by that.

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