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Imagine you just got called on stage with your band but your bass player is having his Spinal Tap moment and can not find his way there….What to do…? Maybe we should play some blues…!?

This actually happened at our Summer Student Event in July 2011. We were about to start another set when we realised our bassist Paul disappeared. This is when my student Mike suggested  a 12 bar blues jam to keep the audience interested;-)

In this video below you will see Mike( a complete beginner who started at the age of 65)rhythm guitar, David and Me on lead guitar, Stuart on drums, Jim and Richard on vocals and for the last few bars of the song the missing bass player Paul;-)

Benefits of learning Blues : 
You will be able to jam with people you haven’t met before
You will be able to break the ice with the new musicians you have just met
You will be able to fill the gaps in your performance while other band members are sorting themselves out;-)
And finally you will be able express yourself musically in this very free and expressive musical form.

How do I get started?

Start by learning some simple 12 bar blues patterns just like my student Theo is doing here: 12 Bar Blues 

Learn guitar licks and understand how they work in the context of 12 bar blues and different keys: Peter Green Guitar Lick, BB King Guitar Lick , Eric Clapton Guitar Lick

If you struggle to get started with blues and you find it frustrating or confusing to use the right scales and guitar licks get in touch to arrange a free introductory guitar lesson to get you on the right track to become the guitarist you want to be.

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