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I bet that you often doubt your natural music abilities. I bet that very often you compare yourself to other better musicians. I bet that you don’t feel good about yourself and your current skill level.

I would like to help you by pointing you to this awesome book that I have read recently. I hope that this book will change your approach to learning guitar.It definitely changed the way I look at practicing guitar.  It is ‘The Talent Code’ By Daniel Coyle. As the subtitle says: ‘Greatness isn’t born, it’s grown’ The author of this book visited talent hotbeds of sport and music and discovered a common pattern that help those places to train World class performers. He also found a scientific explanation that determines the growth of any performer. These changes take place only while practicing in a very specific way known as deep practice. Deep practice promotes the growth of myelin in your brain that is responsible for developing your skills. I recommend you watch these two videos below and grab a copy of this awesome book.

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