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Very often I meet guitar students who complain that they are unable to smoothly transition from low to high positions on the guitar while playing their improvised solos on the guitar. I have recorded a short video demonstration showing how I approach fretboard navigation in minor pentatonic scale.  This approach is good in any minor blues and most rock tracks that require a quick transition from one place on the neck to another.  I use very often the approach demonstrated in the video below to create a lot of tension in my solos. So the best way to use this lick you are about to watch is to play it while approaching the peak moment in your improv. It’s great to play some slow bent notes after this run. This guitar lick does not have to be played really fast so the main focus should be on mapping out the positions of the minor pentatonic not the fast tempo.

I recommend you use all five positions of the minor pentatonic as a starting point of these fretboard runs. I hope you will find the application of this A minor pentatonic licks in your blues and rock solos;-)

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