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Have you watched the movie Rockstar with Mark Wahlberg as a main character? If you haven’t I think you should. This is a story of a guy who had a dream of becoming a rock star and worked his ass off to become¬† a better singer and performer and one day he got the opportunity to be a front man of his favorite band Steel Dragon.¬† Now why do you think I am telling you about this movie? Watch the movie and if you get some inspiration get in touch and I will show you how you can become a rock guitarist you always wanted to be. Unlike other teachers in London I can prove you that my students are getting results from their lessons. I have also done things you are trying to achieve. Google ‘Greg X Dream’ to find out what music industry has to say about my debut album. And If I could achieve these things I am sure that you can do it too with the right instructional and strategies in place. Contact me if you see any value in what I have done for people and for my own music career. Now I strongly encourage you to watch the movie ROCKSTAR!

London Rock Guitar Teacher Greg X

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