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Are you tired of playing songs of other bands and you wish to write your own songs?

Would you like to feel more confident about your own songs?

Would you like to gain more freedom and control over the music you are writing and feel that your lyrics truly express your emotions?

Would you like improve your existing lyric writing skills and learn how to practice writing better songs?

Perhaps you think that your lyrics suck and you are too embarrassed to show them to people?

Perhaps you are totally happy with your lyrics but in reality they truly suck and you don’t even realise that?


As a guitarist and composer who doesn’t really write lyrics I know how painful it can be to come up with some meaningful words that don’t suck.  The reason why musicians stay away from lyric writing is the fact that it seems to be  very hard. Usually our music skills are far ahead our writing skills and even starting the process seems to be a horror. At least this is how I feel about it. On the top of that English is not my first language so I use it as an excuse not to get better at writing lyrics.

Because I like challenges and I constantly work on becoming a better songwriter I decided to organise a very special one-off lyric writing event that will help not only me but other 15 lucky songwriters wo will be quick enough to sign up for this course.

I would like to invite you to an exclusive Lyric Writing Masterclass featuring London Music Producer James Scott who will demonstrate to you his lyric writing methods. I have recorded a short interview with James who explains the problems of songwriters in his own words:


Frequently Asked Questions:

I barely play cover songs! Why would I want to write my own songs?

Writing your own songs is a very rewarding process. Creating music is always the easiest bit as you can always re use existing music material. Things get complicated when you want to tell your own story. This masterclass is an unique opportunity to get into songwriting from the lyricyst point of view. Now here’s why it’s better to play your own songs. You will never be compared to the original artist. Since you will be playing your song it’s all about your expression.

My lyrics are pretty good why would I bother to come to this masterclass?

You can always get a constructive critique from a professional music producer and songwriter who earns his living through writing songs. Also your friends and family might not be the best people to ask for critique.

I really don’t believe I can write good lyrics I better leave that to my singer or other band mates. I just like to play guitar!

Great you can always rely on other people, but when you do so you are at their mercy. Some people are unreliable, some people don’t care. Why to let other people decide about your music life and career?

English isn’t my first language, Can I still improve?

Yes as a matter of fact James helps non native English speakers including me. This worksop is an answer to all your problems related to lyric writing. I look forward to attending it as much as you should!

I can’t make for the event this time can I catch the next one?

I can not guarantee that we will ever do it again due to our busy schedules. Get an opportunity to learn from working musicians whenever you can as you never know if there would be second chance.


Benefits of attending the Lyric Writing Masterclass:

You will get a chance to meet an expert music producer and writer who has devoted his entire life to making great music.

Most likely you will learn how to avoid deadly mistakes songwriters constantly make in the process of writing lyrics.

You will get an access to an expert critique in a friendly low-pressure environment.

You will get a chance to meet like-minded music lovers and possibly find your future band mate or collaborator.

You will get an access to my advice in any music and music career matter.


There are many ways of spending your Friday evening:  You can get drunk in a pub with your mates, go out clubbing and spend a lot of money, sit in front of your TV, possibly even see a live band(which is not a bad thing).


You can meet like-minded songwriters and learn how to write great lyrics that will enhance your songs and play them in front of other people one day? This is a great opportunity to meet musicians from your local area so don’t miss your chance to meet some highly motivated music lovers and learn a life lasting skills. This would be also an opportunity to get my advice on your composition skills regardless of your main instrument. 


I am confident that this is going to be another great life changing event that will enhance your life and musical journey. I know that this event will sell quickly so to avoid disappointment contact me as soon as possible to secure your place.Use the contact form in the top right corner of the page or call me on 07824 366014. To ensure that everybody will get enough attention there are only 15 places available. Don’t miss your chance to become a great songwriter!


Songwriting Masterclass at Wimbledon School of Guitar in London

James Scott-Lyric Writing Masterclass at Wimbledon School of Guitar


“I work with songwriters all over the world to get their songs written and recorded to a professional standard, and the one thing that consistently troubles songwriters is lyric writing. The reasons are fairly clear – no amount of skill on your instrument or knowledge of music theory is going to help you write good lyrics, and that problem gets worse if English is not your first language.

So I have developed this workshop to help songwriters at all levels of experience to understand what makes the best lyrics work so well and how you can apply those principles to writing songs about any subject that takes your fancy. I will cover the three most common errors I come across when working with songwriters, how to avoid them, and what to do instead. We’ll do a little bit of group work, but the emphasis of this session will be to train you in a new way of thinking about lyrics and to show you a process that you can take away, practice and master. In many ways writing lyrics is easier than writing music if you approach it the right way, and that’s what we’ll look at on the 15th.

I look forward to seeing you there!”

James Scott





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