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…and remember, in whatever you do, Don’t suck, Metal up!


Do you struggle to motivate yourself to practice guitar?  Do you struggle to practice in between your guitar lessons?  Do you struggle to continue taking guitar lessons? If the answer is yes then metal up !  I would like to share with you a video of C.J. of Metal Motivation he is a motivational speaker who doesn’t bullshit.

I got inspired to post it today after receiving an email yesterday morning from a prospect student  who told me that he is not coming for a lesson because I live too far from his house. It was just hours before the class.  WTF?  My take on it is this: it was probably easier to stay in bed in the morning and take it easy or perhaps the weather was so nice that it felt a bit hard to get on a train and travel. Perhaps it was easier to go to the park and do nothing. How can you achieve something in your life if you make excuses?  How can you become a competent guitarist if you procrastinate and take it easy? Did Steve Vai or Joe Satriani take things easy ? Probably not…

I personally don’t buy all this stuff about ‘it is too far to come to guitar lessons’ , ‘the journey on the train is too long’  etc.  If you want to achieve something you need to make sacrifice. There is a reason why London Music Schools recommend me as a guitar teacher!  It is because my students get results that other private teachers can not/do not want provide. The proof is in music – just watch the student events section:

How many times did you feel lazy about practicing guitar, how many times did you feel like you don’t wanna make an effort? How many times did you make an excuse not to come for your guitar lesson? Perhaps you stopped taking guitar lessons because it was too hard? Or maybe you said to yourself that you will take a break from guitar lessons for a while and come back when you learn what you covered with your teacher? The thing is that they are all excuses not to achieve something significant. To be just an average person.

Guitar is a very hard instrument to learn and master. Learning it is pain in the ass and its super frustrating. But once you reach certain point of achievement it is very hard to stop playing it. Before you reach that stage you need to work hard and you need to feel like you are struggling. Struggling it’s a good feeling-it means you are actually using your brain and learning. Check my book recommendations -they talk about it from a scientific point of view.

So if you want to achieve something perhaps you will have to also spend two hours on a train to meet me but I can tell you one thing -you will save  many years of unnecessary struggle on your own or with some average local teacher who can not prove any results.

Please check the video of C.J.

Blood Road: The Real Path to Achievement.” Life is simple, but it’s hard work, and people look for magical answers because they want the easy way of short cuts. Some people do win the lottery, but that’s a huge risk to take when we’re talking about your life. It’s better to use the proven principles of achievement: hard work, planning, consistency, and self-discipline.

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