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Hello and thank you for checking out How To Play You Got It By Roy Orbison. In today’s tutorial I will be teaching you how to play this song without a capo unlike most other guitar lessons on line and the reason for this is that It will allow you to play this cool walkdown in the chorus section.  Don’t get me wrong I also like the simplified version of this song with a capo on fret two. This lesson will be available shortly.

This version of the song is great for those of you who need to practice bar chords. I have arranged this song to use the as many bar chords as possible because I feel it sounds better. I also feel that just like you I need to have more songs with bar chords to practice;-)

If you enjoyed this lesson give me your love by hitting like button on YouTube video and drop a hello note or suggest some future tutorials. Ideally things you can’t find on YouTube.

Thanks again for checking in.


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