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Here’s a teaser lesson for all blues enthusiasts in London and anywhere in the World. It will help you to play nicer blues solos. To do that we need to increase your awareness of chords within your typical 12 bar chord progression. In the key of A we have following chords A7,D7 and E7. In the lesson below I am showing my student (who was kind enough to film the lesson) how to solo using triads on top three strings within a BB King Blues Box.

This lesson is to help you simplify the soloing process by playing less notes but staying more focussed on what and how you play. The concept I am using in this video is pretty cool because when you play blues you don’t have a lot of time to address each chord so keeping things simple will save you from playing some bum notes or from some odd note choices.


don’t forget about rests in between phrases;-)

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