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I would like to share with you the videos from the Saturday Jam Night in Wimbledon. I am posting only some bits of it as it will take too much time to edit 5-6 hours of video footage we have recorded. We played following songs: Sweet Child o Mine by Guns n Roses,Knocking on Heaven’s Door – GNR version,¬†Summer of 69 by Brian Adams, Living on a prayer-Bon Jovi, My Generation -The Who , One -U2 ¬†and many more that are not included on these videos.

I believe that making music with other people is the easier and the most effective way to take your guitar skills to the next level. It’s true that you can work with some sophisticated guitar practice routines and stuff but one day you will still have to leave your bedroom and play loud standing up. Playing with other people or in a band directs you towards most important guitar techniques and skills you need to acquire. It helps you to filter out stuff that has low value for the band situation. ( two handed tapping technique for example, or sweep picking)

I would like to thank all people who joined the jam session, you guys did really well!

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