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Guess who is back?

My student Chris previously featured as a student of the month in November has just recorded his first song ever! It’s a cover of The Jam – That’s Entertainment. We recorded first the guitars and then vocals. See picture below. Because I am blown away with Chris’s improvement this month I have decided to reward him as a student of the Month in January. This was a very tough decision because there are many great students that improved a lot as well. I hope you guys can make it next time and you continue to grow as musicians.

Did you like this song? Check the previous post about Chris and his music journey in past four years as a student of Greg X – Wimbledon School of GuitarĀ

Please do me a favour and write the comment below. Please share this post on Facebook and Twitter to support Chris! And stay tuned as there will be more songs coming up shortly!

How about you? What have you done today to reach your musical goals? Will you continue to keep on hold your dream of playing in a band o recording a song? The time to reach your musical goals is now and you need to act fast because you have only one life! Read about 5 top regrets people make on their deathbed


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